BANDIT Fred Anton Corvest

Multiband Audio processing, apply effect with different setting in each band

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  • 3-Band multi effects processor
  • Each band provides its own effect with mix blending control
  • Comes with built-in effects: Saturator, Lofi and Ring Modulator
  • Extendable via In-App purchase in Bandit store: Delay and Reverb
  • Frequency isolator equaliser (DJ style filter)
  • Two adjustable crossover points for low and high bands with slope up to 48dB
  • Separate Dry/Wet output controls
  • Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic change
  • Multi-outs support, route each band to separate channels in your DAW
  • Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views
  • AUv3 for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and macOS (sold separately)
  • On macOS, supported by: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Reaper

Multiband Audio Effect

FAC Bandit is a multiband audio effect that splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies according two adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce the final effect.

Each frequency range is altered with different effects and settings that won't sound the same if applied to the full frequency range. As you have probably realized, FAC Bandit is a wonderful and powerful sound design tool for designers who want to sculpt new personal, exciting and outstanding sounds. Either in a subtle way, without compromising the original tone, or in a more drastic way.

Following the diagram below, the input sound is split into three bands (Low, Mid, High) which are then recombined to the output.


Band Parameters: Low, Mid and HighOther Parameters

Saturation: Tube-like distortion

  • Drive, amount of saturation applied on the pre amplified signal
  • PreGain, pre amplification of the drive section
  • Pre/Post Filter, cutoff of the filter according the model
  • Soft, soft clip before the drive then post LPF
  • Hard, hard clip before the drive then post LPF
  • BPF, pre BPF then soft clip before the drive
  • BELL, pre BELL then soft clip before the drive

LOFI: Low resolution character of retro vintage samplers

  • Rate, down sampling rate. 1: none, 40: resampling SR of 1102hz
  • Bits depth, resolution of each individual sample involved in the resampling process
  • Filter, post LPF. Useful to reduce the artifacts generated by the decimination
  • Classic, classic quantization
  • Dither, classic quantization with dithering noise applied
  • Rizer, advanced quantization, great down to 1 bit depth!
  • Jitter , classic quantization with fixed down sampling jitter

Ring Modulator: Add inharmonic content to your input signal and get great percussion, metallic or bells sounds

  • Note, sets the rate (midi note number) of the modulator. Use it as the root scale, great on jamming and getting tuned percussion
  • Waveshape, shape of the modulator waveform: SIN/SQUARE
  • Tone, LPF affecting the modulated signal, useful to reduce the artifacts generated by the process
  • RM 01, single ring modulator
  • RM 02, dual ring modulator

Delay: Tempo based delay, provides depth and ambience (In-App Purchase: 3 fxs 9 presets)

  • Feedback, the amount of altered signal returned into the input
  • Division, the delay time as beat division
  • Color, the width of the band pass filter. Computed according the band boundaries
  • Ping Pong LR, echoes bouncing from left to right channel
  • Inv Ping Pong, echoes bouncing from right to left channel
  • Stereo Echo, classic echo. Keeps the stereo image untouched

Reverb: Recreate the sonic ambience of rooms and spaces (In-App Purchase: 5 fxs 14 presets)

  • Size, the dimension of the room or space
  • Pre Delay, the time (as beat division) between dry and wet signal
  • Damp, set the damping of the high frequencies
  • Small, add a sense of small space, less noticable
  • Room, natural room with fast decay
  • Hall, wider than the Room model with a longer decay
  • Big, large space with medium diffusion and long decay
  • Abyss, wider than the Big model with more diffusion

In-App purchases via the FAC store

Touch the INFO button (See ⑯) and select "TIP JAR And Store". Then, to buy a new product: touch the buy button (Price), wait for the confirmation alert, confirm your purchase, wait for the transaction to complete and restart the app.

Linked parameters change

Long touch any of the gain knobs (①,②,③) to alter the three values in one single take. This also work on the dry/wet knobs (⑩,⑪) and on both crossovers knobs (⑫).

Multiple outputs support

An additional Audio Unit extension named FAC Bandit (MULTI OUT) provides multiple outputs support. Low, Mid, High bands can be routed to separate channels in your DAW.

Warning: You need a host able to provide to the AuV3 plug in additional output busses. Check the documentation of your host on iOS. The additional AuV3 Multi Out extension will always be visible, even if the host does not provide output busses.

Always check your audio levels

In general, use the gains in parsimony, to avoid any excessive levels that may damage your ears or your system. FAC Bandit shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) to your material (software, hardware, or other).

As with all FAC products, the interface has a unique sober look and provides a great user experience. The value of each knob can be monitored at any time. The knobs are very responsive, natural and follow a specific curve according to the parameter type.

Preset Management

FAC Bandit also comes with factory presets to provide you a source of inspiration to satisfy your needs in any situation you might require.

The preset button provides common management features: loading, organization, saving, importing and exporting. The left and right arrows allow fast navigation shortcuts among all the presets (factory + user), a short press on the center label provides a detailed list of all the available presets, select the one you want to work with. On the other hand a long touch (hold) provides contextual operations.

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(The Sound Test Room)
FAC Bandit --- IAP Delay DemoFAC Bandit IAP Delay Demo
(The Sound Test Room)

FAC Bandit - Loopy Pro (iOS)

FAC Bandit - Garage Band (iOS)

FAC Bandit - AUM (iOS)

FAC Bandit - Cubase (iOS)

FAC Bandit - Ableton Live (macOS)

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Review Fac Bandit
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I really REALLY love this plugin. Especially hard saturator on extreme settings, just beautiful distortion. This plugin goes instantly to my TOP 10 best plugins on iOS


Really transforms the original audio source in whatever direction you want. Another great FAC app

Plu Collective

One of the apps I have fallen for like really hard is FAC Bandit...


Love it. So nice playing with the high end and muting the bands

Oat Phipps

Wow this is a really impressive effect. The processing between the separate bands sounds suuuuper clean. This will be my new goto to beef up drums



Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) passionately crafts each plugin as a masterpiece, merging art and technology
with a strong emphasis on both sound excellence and user experience
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